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Our History

ClubFEM® was started in late 1992 by Head Mistress Dee and slave gene to provide an organization for Women and men with an interest in Female Domination.

Originally, ClubFEM® activities consisted of socializing, wearing fetish apparel, showing off BDSM (bondage/discipline/sado-masochism) equipment, and taking posed photos. There was very little dungeon play, if any at all. At this time, all correspondence was conducted by snail mail and slave gene wrote several articles that were published in magazines. A quarterly newsletter was mailed out to interested individuals.


Head Mistress Dee and slave gene attended parties held by other fetish groups in Houston but found that they were mostly male dominant/Female submissive events. However, at these events, they were able to meet other people who were also interested in a strictly Female dominant/male submissive venue and the ClubFEM® membership began to grow.

With the advent of the internet, the ClubFEM® website was created. Slave gene as official secretary for Head Mistress Dee became inundated with requests for information and membership. To their surprise, Head Mistress Dee and slave gene realized there were thousands of individuals, both male and Female, who were dedicated to Female domination worldwide.

After founding ClubFEM® and presiding as Grand Head Mistress for 14 years, Mistress Dee formally announced Her retirement in August, 2005. She expressed her gratitude that Mistress Ella and Mistress Modesty (aka LustyLadyDom) had taken leadership in ClubFEM® International and announced that it is with Her blessings that Ms. Modesty and Ms. Ella replace Her as Headmistresses for the Houston chapter as well.


In May, 2007, slave gene retired as the secretary of ClubFEM® Houston to move to Jacksonville, FL to live with his new Mistress/Owner and to begin the now thriving ClubFEM® of Northeast Florida. In May, 2009 Mistress Modesty resigned her position as co-Head Mistress due to the increasing demands of her professional career. Head Mistress Ella remains the Head Mistress of ClubFEM® Houston and ClubFEM® International.

    The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter

    The Head Mistress of these groups are chosen by the International Board of ClubFEM®.

    Head Mistress MadameNavia 

    has been an active member of ClubFEM® for 17 years. She has attended Texas parties consistently and has participated in over 9 National chapters. She previously served as Intermittent role of Head Mistress for a brief period before becoming Executive Mistress of CFDFW for 7 years. She became Head Mistress of ClubFEM® DFW Chapter in February 2017.

    The role of the Head Mistress is to adhere to the International rules of this organization and ensure that bylaws are followed. It is Her duty to be an advocate for Female Dominant/male submissive lifestyle relationships. Head Mistress ensures a safe, educational, fun setting at events and addresses conflict and concerns. She also monitors and manages membership, and advocates for and represents the Club within the local and national alternative community. Party hostess cultivation and kink community relations are done by the Headmistress.

    Executive Mistress Nerys Michelle 

    Has been an active member of the DFW chapter of ClubFEM® for 12 years and has been elected for her role by the previous and current Headmistress because of her dedication to the Club and active status within the DFW community. She served as a member of the board and then co-executive Mistress for 7 years.

    The role of the Executive Mistress is to aid in welcoming perspective members at the Monthly Club munch and being available to answer questions should the Head Mistress not be available. Nerys Michelle re-verifies membership status prior to sending party invitation. Event postings, FetLife group moderation, prospective member vetting, are done by the Executive Mistress and she has been assigned by Head Mistress Navia to be the Sergeant-at-Arms to maintain order at events.

    Ladies of the Board

    Not every chapter has Board members that are active in membership cultivation, promotion, and decision making. All decisions ultimately fall on the Head Mistress of the chapter and she has elected to have the support of recognized outstanding members for diverse ideas and input. The Board was put into action in February 2017 and will grow as needed.

    These ladies have meet the Head Mistress' determined criteria for being chosen for their positions.

    These Criterion include:

    1. Being an active ClubFEM® DFW member in good standing for more than 2 years.

    2. Attending Club Events regularly

    3. Having a positive online and kink community presence

    4. Hosting at least 1 Club Party, demo, or training event when possible.

    Current Ladies of the Board 

    Mistress Leonessa - Mistress Bitch

    Painful_Elegance - Queen of Writing things and Technology Goddess

    • Maintains website 

    • Creates and sends all written correspondence for ClubFEM DFW

    GalateaV - Mistress of Etiquette

    Submissive males are behind the scene supporters and expected to support the mission of the organization.

    Our unofficial male board member is DemoBitch

    Please feel free to contact any member of the board with any questions or concerns or check out our International Website at 

    We hope to see you at future events!

    Find us on Fetlife at ClubFEMDFW

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