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We strive to create an environment where like-minded individuals  can share their interests and exploration of kink. It is paramount to our group’s health that all activities between individuals are done with enthusiastic and ongoing consent.


We endeavor to create a safer community and event space. However, much like safer sex practices are not without risk, we acknowledge that no play or activity is without physical, mental, or emotional risks.

We only take first-person reports and cannot act on hearsay or third-party reports.

We don’t take anonymous reports. We can only accept reports about ClubFEM DFW members. We cannot enforce sanctions against individuals who are not affiliated with our group. 

Please include any documents related to the incident or conversations in written form, screenshots, or images of the injury.


The Board will decide on an outcome but will not speak on the topic publicly to maintain privacy for all parties. 

One or more of the following actions may be taken. (An individual who knowingly and intentionally creates a false report may also be subject to these actions.)


• Warnings – Some people can violate consent or boundaries through inexperience, poor communication skills, or a misunderstanding of expectations. We will provide education about our Consent Policy and refer the individual to educational materials about consent. We expect members of our community who receive formal warnings to take them seriously and adjust their behavior moving forward.


• Attendance Restrictions – If you violate any of our rules or Consent Policy or have repeated warnings, we may request that you refrain from attending our events or a subset of our events for a set amount of time.


• Bans – We reserve the right to ban anyone who is not a good fit for our group. If an individual is barred from attending our events, they will also not be permitted to participate in our online groups and discussions, and vice versa.

Only the board members of ClubFEM DFW will see this form.  
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Thank you for informing us.

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