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For the LADIES of ClubFEM Only 

Please recognize the good (above and beyond) deed done for you by a ClubFEM male.

This can be everyday services that you asked for help with and someone stepped up to do.

Things LIKE moving furniture, changing a tire, mowing your yard, random errands, set up a computer... or other ways a guy can "come to the rescue" in a service manner.

There will be special award parties for males who go above and beyond for our ladies.

Sorry, You CANNOT recognize expected services from Your personal pet/servant/sub/mate.

Thank you to @gentleOak for coming out to fix my fence after some storm damage! He was amazing!

I would like to nominate Pharaoh for offering to massage my feet and legs at May 14th party when I asked. Due to having bad foot and leg cramps all the time and especially after a night of unwanted pain he offered to give me relief.

Good Boy Recogition!

A special shout out to @StruggleBuddy for being the kind of boy we appreciate at events. Immediate and continued help through out the 2/19/22 party. @DemoBitch adding to his already renown cake skills with valet service @gentleOak for exemplary escort and bellboy service @JackofAllHearts for doorstop and kitchen bitch

I am adding Our Naked Santa @sudmuf63 to the good boy list for coming and offering a domestic deed for Me.

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