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Most important - Club & Party Rules/ Important General Information about Parties

** Basic Rules ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • ClubFEM® members agree to abide by the following ClubFEM® protocol at parties and events.

  • All club members need to make an appearance to a CF function at least once every 6 months to remain current.

  • ClubFEM® members agree to be in the FemDomme and male submissive roles exclusively at ClubFEM® parties and events.

  • There is NO requirement for Dommes or subs to engage in BDSM play (scenes). Although some may choose to play, many people attend parties to socialize and learn techniques by watching others

There is to be NO use of illegal drugs, poppers, or mind altering substances at our events. Moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable if the home owner allows it in their home. Alcohol is BYOB and consumption will END AT 10PM. Anyone observed to be intoxicated will be asked to stop all play and be sent home at their expense.

  • ClubFEM® is strictly a BDSM group. Any oral sex and intercourse is NOT allowed. On RARE occasions we may have a pegging party, we will notify everyone when there will be a dark party.

  • # For safety measures, create an emergency information note with legal name, emergency contact, medication list, medical conditions, etc in a sealed envelope in your play bag.

** Ladies ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Females are to refrain from touching or commanding a collared slave without his Owners permission.

  • ClubFEM® is strictly a social organization and there will be NO promotion of any domination for profit business at Club events.

  • Dominant attire for Females may include but not limited to dressy leather, latex, vinyl, modest lingerie and/or bossy business suits.

** males ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Males are to behave respectfully to all Females at all times.

  • Males may NOT sit on furniture after protocol without permission from the Executive Board. Permission given for medical conditions if privately discussed. Bring something to sit on such as a towel, beach blanket, mini stool.

  • Males must sit on the toilet to pee NO exceptions. Toilet seats left up will get ALL males in trouble.

  • All ClubFEM® males are expected to bring an attitude of servitude and submissiveness and should be willing to serve refreshments and treat the Women respectfully. Slaves are not obligated to engage in any form of play without consent and negotiation.

  • Some of the expected service duties include, but are not limited to, anything in the kitchen, door attendant, bag carrier.

There should NEVER be a Lady

  • in the kitchen unless she wants to be

  • setting up the table with the food items - this means checking to see if it needs to be warmed, if it's warm/hot placing it on a safety pad, uncovering & placing a serving utensil into any dishes that may require it.

DO NOT throw away any lids or containers unless you've been directed to. Not everything gets eaten and may need the lid to return it home. If you are helping in the kitchen make sure the trash doesn't over flow and it is removed to wherever the hostess designates. Make sure to keep the table organized and clean. Clean any dishes that may need to be cleaned or placed into the dishwasher. We don't want the sink over flowing.

Males are to address Females as "Mistress" or other proper titles as designated by that Female.


  1. You MUST be on the going list to receive the invitation, ANYONE on the Maybe list will NOT receive the invitation.

  2. You MUST have attended a munch within the past year, meet the board, filled out the CF application and followed all directions required to becoming a member.

  3. NEVER EVER --- give the party address out! Even to existing members. Everyone who is invited to attend will receive the address. The invitation will be PM'd after 9PM on the day before the party up to noon the day of the party. If anyone asks for information on an upcoming party, direct them to the Headmistress Madame Navia or Executive Mistress Nerys Michelle.

** Attire **

  • Dominant attire for Females may include dressy High-Fetish, leather, latex, vinyl, modest lingerie and/or bossy business suits. For comfort, jeans, leggings and yoga pants are acceptable. Nothing too revealing, NO BARE Breasts. When in doubt, just wear Black.

  • Although males are usually expected to appear semi nude in a collar and in a thong at ClubFEM® parties. Other dressier, submissive fetish or cross-dressed outfits are also encouraged and will always include the required slave collar. A leash, wrist and ankle cuffs are optional. Boxer shorts and tightie whities are NOT appropriate attire under ANY circumstances.

  • Make sure you have the appropriate attire, body hygiene is a must, footwear, collar and accessories (toy bag - nothing bigger than a small bag). Your emergency medicines, inhalers and emergency contact list needs to be in your bag at every party.

Males who wish to be available to any Domme for servitude or BDSM play scenes will wear a PINK ribbon on their collar, ribbons are provided at the party. However, wearing a pink ribbon does not obligate a slave to engage in play nor does it negate the need to negotiate a scene. DO NOT WEAR...


  • Boxer shorts (loose fitting ) unless they are leather, latex or lace

  • Dirty, tattered underwear

  • male chauvinist attire promoting men as dominant

  • No Socks - unless prior approval

You may consider wearing...

  • A jock strap

  • neoprene - assless shorts

  • thong

  • panties

  • tight fitting boxer briefs

  • a speedo

  • crossdress

  • sissymaid attire

  • leather, latex , pvc

  • theme costume

  • your birthday suit

Ladies love a naked man. However, if you're going to be naked, bring a surface barrier towel and an apron to wear in the kitchen. No uncovered private bits are allowed in the kitchen or around the food. ** Always have a collar! ** **ALWAYS be dressed vanilla to the door. Our parties are usually held in the homes of our members and this puts us in neighborhoods that may not be open to our kind of kink.** ** Party Rules ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Door tributes are expected by everyone to help the Hostess off set their costs for hosting one of our events. Tributes $15 Single Lady $20 Single Male $30 couple. Males are encouraged to sponsor the Lady to whom they may be in serves to for the evening and pre negotiated in advance. If you wish to sponsor a single Lady, please let the door boy know in advance.



  • Everyone is expected to bring a dish that will feed them plus 4 people. A food thread will be posted the Wednesday before the party so that all will know what is being brought.

  • Follow the rules of the home and be respectful of house property. Notify home owner, the Head Mistress or a member of the board of any problems immediately

  • Clean furniture before and after each use. Supplies will be provided.

  • No messy play without prior approval from the hostess AND the board members and you must bring your own barriers and cleaning supplies.

No pictures at parties without consent! We have some Members who prefer to keep their vanilla lives separate from their kink life so photographs are ** NOT** permitted in general. We know that some of us create very awesome artwork on our subjects that you might want to capture in memory. A photo is only allowed with the permission of that person, the Headmistress, venue host/ess, and consent of everyone who maybe in the room that may be caught in the background. In this world of cut and paste photos a simple photograph of someone could end up anywhere. Help us protect one other.

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