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Attending a ClubFEM® Orientation Munch is REQUIRED for newbies

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

It was brought to the attention of the Head Mistress that there are predator Female Dominants out there that were claiming they were vetting boys for this Club. Be clear... The ONLY ladies that may approve membership for ClubFEM® DFW are the Head Mistress and the Executive Mistress with input from Ladies of the Board.

Any other Female out there claiming to be vetting for ClubFEM® DFW may be predators that might be vetting men for themselves AND WILL NOT BE allowed membership.

** If anyone is discovered doing anything in the name of ClubFEM® DFW without the express permission of the Head Mistress, there will be trouble. She is the only one legally responsible for this membership and she refuses to have people doing unauthorized things on behalf of our organization.**

Ladies - you may test a boys temperament and invite him to attend a munch but please do not say you are "vetting" them per se but rather that you would like to see if he would be a good fit for our membership.

males- please know that you must attend a ClubFEM® Orientation Munch to become a member. No lady in the community that is a member has any say on whether you are approved or not. IF SHE is a member in good standing, we may trust her suggestion but attending an Orientation Munch is still required.

If you are a member from another city chapter, you must have attended in the last six months and we will check with the headmistress of that chapter to verify you are a member in good standing.

Otherwise you will need to attend a ClubFEM® DFW Orientation Munch to be verified.

Our Munches are the 1st Sunday of the month and we are doing parties on the 3rd Saturday of the month (as of January 2020.) unless otherwise stated or there is a major holiday.

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