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male Attire- Acceptable and unacceptable

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There is a need to post this due to some boys who chose to ignore the warnings at our Newcomer orientation on what IS and IS NOT acceptable to wear to parties.

At EVERY ORIENTATION new prospects that attend are informed by The Headmistress and Executive Mistress of items NOT to wear during protocol line up.

Public Posting: Grampa Boxer shorts, "Tidy whities", and Socks are the only items that gentlemen may NOT wear.

That leaves gents open to every other body and foot covering they desire to express themselves.

Everyone who attends the required newbie orientation hears the same information that has been presented to newbies by the Executive Team for the past 8 years.

"If you show up to protocol at a party wearing these items, you are consenting to public humiliation." Ladies hear the same presentation.

This statement is said seriously and HM looks in the eyes of every male attendee and receives verbal acknowledgement of this statement. (There is even a PowerPoint visual presentation for online viewing.)

Some guys are in this for the public humiliation and do it to test the system and have a little group fun. If you don't fall in this category, follow the DO NOT WEAR list. You are not an exception to the rule and I will hear no whining about consent violation.

Ladies, do not put your guy in the position to break the dress code rules during protocol. Many chapters have a strict Thong and Bowtie collar dress code.

DFW CHAPTER HEADMISTRESS does not enforce this to allow folks freedom to dress comfortably and express themselves.

So For PUBLIC Review:

  • NO Grampa Boxer shorts

  • NO Tidy Whities (of ANY color)

  • NO socks of any color.

Any other clothing (or naked) expression is welcome.

  • If you would like foot covering, wear flip flops, or solid shoes.

Thank you.

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