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The Perks of Being a party host

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Some people think you need to have a mansion or dungeon in order to host a party.

Absolutely not! Some people that attend actually prefer to play in realistic domestic settings. All you need is adequate space for 15-40 people (seating area for at least 20) and semi private area for play. We've played in bedrooms, living rooms, back yards and garages. The fun is in the activity and the company that we keep. CF was given an awesome gift a few years ago of special made Fetish Furniture the can travel. So if you need furniture let the board know and it can be brought.

** The Hostesses responsibilities ** Designate areas for food, bag storage, changing rooms, Ladies & boys restrooms and play spaces. Provide: *cups, plates, plasticware, paperware *serving utensils/bowls or platters *sodas, water &/or coffee/tea *cleaning supplies for play areas *excess paper products

** Perks: ** Members will assist with pre-cleaning, set ups and after cleaning. The Door fee stays with the home. Our parties typically fall on the third Saturday of the month but there are occasions when we need to alter the party date such as the months of October and November If you would like to host, please contact the Headmistress or Ladies of the Board.

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